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Group Booking

Do you want to sing with a group of friends at The End Karaoke?

Then we would advise you to book with a group larger than ten people. This way we can make sure that there is space reserved for you and you can be guaranteed to sing karaoke.
Karaoke is a very fun activity for groups. It is a nice idea for a company outing in Amsterdam, but also for a bachelor party or a birthday.
With karaoke you will experience an unforgettable evening!

Please note!! We also work with admission tickets and unfortunately we also have to close at 24:00!!!

Without an admission ticket it is therefore not possible to enter The End Karaoke.

For more information about this:


The price of the reservation as a group

When you book as a group, that costs € 5.90 per person. This includes two discounted drink tokens and coat check.

You will then all have the opportunity to sing karaoke with the bonus of two discounted drinks.

This is not private karaoke, nor are you guaranteed seats with a group reservation.

Do you want more privacy during the karaoke? View our option private karaoke.

You can also order more discounted drink tokens at the time of booking. The reservation is the only time that the drink tokens can be ordered.
Drink tokens are cheaper than the standard prices at the bar. All drinks can be ordered with drink tokens.
How many drink tokens are needed for a drink depends on the drink itself. You can order beer, wine and soft drinks with one drink token.