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The End karaoke is the karaokebar in Amsterdam.

The End is the name of our karaoke bar in Amsterdam. You can contact us for a great evening of entertainment. Karaoke is fun for everyone.
Do you come with a group or would you like to have your own table or room? Then it is advisable to book. You can make a reservation online via the reservation form.
These are the different options we offer for which it is necessary to reserve.

Private Karaoke

Do you want to sing karaoke with a private group outside opening hours? This is possible with us! We offer private karaoke at various times during the week, so that you can enjoy your karaoke undisturbed.

Book a table.

We have a few tables in our karaoke bar. It is possible to make a reservation. The table is not completely private, but the seats are reserved for you. You can book a table from 4 to 18 people.

Book as a group.

Do you want to sing karaoke with more than 10 people? No problem! We ask you to book in advance. This way you know for sure that there is room for you. A reservation with a group is not private.

You can also order more discounted drink tokens at the time of booking. The reservation is the only time that the drink tokens can be ordered.
Drink tokens are cheaper than the standard prices at the bar. All drinks can be ordered with drink tokens.
How many drink tokens are needed for a drink depends on the drink itself. You can order beer, wine and soft drinks with one drink token.