House rules of The End Karaoke Amsterdam

At The End we have some house rules that you have to keep as a visitor. These house rules keep the karaoke as enjoyable as possible for everyone.
We want to be a safe place to spend a night out undisturbed. We therefore ask you be aware of our house rules and stick to them.
Those who do not follow the rules can be asked to leave and may also be denied access to The End in future. When we detect criminal offenses we always report these to the police.

Drink tokens

You can order drink tokens from us when you make a reservation. This is only possible during the booking itself.
The drink are only valid on the evening itself and are not exchangeable for cash. The drink tokens cost € 3,10 each.
Beer, soft drinks and wine can be bought at the bar with one token. You can buy strong liquor from 1.5 tokens.

Bringing food into the bar

Your own catering is possible, but you must also discuss your details regarding this when making the booking. There are also three conditions:
  • A deposit of € 50 in cash must be paid to the bartender at the beginning of the evening.
  • A minimum of 2 drinks per person must be purchased.
  • All food must be cleaned before the opening time.

As soon as all three conditions are met, you will be reimbursed in cash.


Are you unable to attend? Then we ask you to cancel at least 4 weeks prior to the Karaoke evening. If cancellation is no longer possible, you can still reschedule the appointment. This is possible up to 4 days prior to the karaoke appointment. Email for that to

Door policy

It is possible that you may be checked at the door by our staff. Our staff ensures that the atmosphere in The End stays nice and that it is safe.
If you do not meet the requirements you can be denied access. The minimum age of The End is 18 years. That’s why our staff may ask you to show proof of identity.

Prohibited items

There are a number of items that are strictly forbidden in The End.
If these are found during the check at the door or later on you, you will be removed from the karaoke bar and / or the police will be called in.
It concerns the following items:

  • Weapons (including pocket knives)
  • Hard and soft drugs

Undesirable behavior

As we mentioned earlier, we want to keep it cozy in The End. That’s why unwanted intimacies, racism and discrimination are not allowed in our karaoke bar.
You will receive one warning from us in case of annoying or offensive behavior.
Repeat the offense and you will be removed from The End and you will receive a temporary or unconditional denial of access.
We will call in the police for threats and all other forms of aggression and undesirable behavior.

Use of the toilet

Our toilets are only allowed for individual use. It is not allowed to be with several people in a toilet room or for reasons other than the use of the toilet in the toilet.


Smoking is not permitted in The End Amsterdam karaoke. Smoking is prohibited by law.
If you do smoke inside we can hold you liable for the sanctions of the government and any damage to our company that follows.


As a visitor of The End you are obliged to order a drink from us. These drinks may only be consumed in our building. Glassware is not allowed outside.
Drinks not purchased from us are not allowed in The End Amsterdam karaoke.


If you have to queue to get in or when leaving The End, we ask you not to make too much noise to not cause a nuisance to our neighbours.
In case of noise or other nuisance, the police will act if necessary.

Property visitors

The End is not responsible for your personal property. Pay attention to your own stuff so that you do not lose anything and keep valuables on you at all times.
If you find any valuables that belong to one of our guests please hand it in to the bar so that we can return the object to the owner.
You must be able to identify yourself when retrieving found objects.

Property of The End

The properties of The End (glass, karaoke books, bottles, chairs/stools, etc.) may not be taken outside.
When you damage the properties of The End, you are responsible for the damage and the costs of the repair or replacement will be recovered from you.


Is something wrong? Then please let our staff know immediately. We can look for the right solution at the moment.
We want to ensure that your evening in The End karaoke Amsterdam goes according to your wishes.


As a visitor to The End you agree that video recordings will be made of you at our location.
You agree that these video recordings can be shown to third parties (including the police) if something has happened.